Top 3 Beauty Breakthroughs Of 2014: Ultherapy, DermaPen, Coolsculpting

The beauty industry is always trying to accommodate to the modern woman’s needs and deliver products that fit their hectic lifestyles perfectly. From time efficiency to cost and effectiveness, 2014 is off to a good start and promises to be one of the best years yet in the realm of anti-aging. Combining the latest technology with the most effective active ingredients known so far, here are the top three beauty breakthroughs worthy of a spot in the mythical Fountain of Youth.


  1. Ultherapy

Who says facelifts need to be painful, costly and take forever to heal? If you’re due for a facelift or simply want to correct the sagging skin on your face and neck, but want to avoid the bundle of side effects associated with the invasive procedure, then it’s time to learn more about Ultherapy. Ultherapy is part of a next generation of facelifting procedures that employs micro-focused heating to stimulate the deep fibro-muscular layers of the skin.

While you can argue that there are numerous non-invasive anti-aging treatments out there, it is necessary to mention that Ultherapy has a trump card over them: because it relies on ultrasound technology, it permits physicians to see below the surface of the skin. Consequentially, your physician will know precisely where to focus the beam of energy, namely on the areas that are the most affected by sagging.

  1. CoolSculpting

Even men and women who stayed true to their workout and healthy diet regimen know how difficult it is to get the body shape they’ve always wanted. Sometimes, nothing seems to eliminate those nasty pockets of fat on your abdomen and flank, irrespective of your best efforts. Since exercise is helpless against them, the only way they could get the shapes of their dreams was via liposuction.

Even though liposuction has been the gold-standard for  individuals wanting to reduce unwanted pockets of fat, it is not without side effects. CoolSculpting, a revolutionary procedure, promises to yield the same result without subjecting yourself to painful surgery and lengthy downtime.

CoolSculpting employs a unique cooling process designed for targeting and freezing fat cells. Once frozen, the fat cells die and will be gradually eliminated from the body naturally. The procedure is very precise, doesn’t damage surrounding tissue and doesn’t come with the same array of risks as liposuction.

  1. DermaPen

For several years, the Fraxel laser has been the number one choice for men and women who wanted to tighten loose skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, minimize enlarged pores or fill in unaesthetic acne scars. While effective, the Fraxel laser comes with a huge disadvantage: the high heat cause collateral damage to the surrounding healthy tissue leading to pain and increased downtime.

DermaPen is a groundbreaking device that relies on multiple microscopic needles to penetrate the skin and create replicable mini lesions. In other words, DermaPen makes small lesions in the skin to stimulate the healing process, but without affecting the surrounding issue. Furthermore, it doesn’t include the same adverse reactions as light laser and, because it doesn’t rely on skin color to turn light into heat, it can be used on all types of skin.

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