Tired Of Waking Up With Puffy Eyes? Try Ultherapy, Botox, and Belotero

Irrespective of the fact that some people get plenty of sleep and even stick to the recommended sleeping program, they wake up with puffy and tired looking eyes. Simply put, even though they got their night’s rest, the massively puffed bags under their eyes along with the dreary dark circles scream they’re tired and sleep deprived.


If you’re sick and tired of looking sick and tired you have options. Let’s summarize three of the most efficient non-surgical procedures you can try today, Ultherapy, Botox, Belotero

  1. Ultherapy

In general, the corrections below the surface of the skin are made via invasive treatments such as a facelift, for instance. Ultherapy is an innovative procedure that provides the same results as a standard facelift, but that comes without the bundle of side effects associated with surgery. Relying on deep focused ultrasound, Ultherapy can help tighten the forehead muscles and lift your eyebrows and upper eyelids. In other words, droopy eyelids are minimized without surgery!

  1. Botox

Considering that Botox is typically used to relax muscles and reduce wrinkles in a given area, it may come as a surprise for some that it can be utilized to lift the brow. In order to understand how this is possible, you need to understand the positions and roles of the muscles near the eyes area. In the upper part of the eyebrow, you have two muscles, namely the forehead muscle that pulls it upwards and depressor muscles that pulls the brow downwards. By injecting the muscle that pulls the brow down, the forehead muscle will take over and pull the brow upwards.

In addition to weakening the muscles that pull the eyebrow down, the physician will also selectively inject more Botox into various areas of your forehead to smoothen all lines that formed due to the chemical lift. This is where the physician’s experience matters, as injecting too much Botox will result in a droopy brow.

  1. Belotero

Do you have under eye hollows or tear trough depression? No worries, just get those troughs filled.  Using a microcannula for safety, a small amount of dermal filler can be used to smooth out the depression.

Dr. Gerstman’s filler of choice is Belotero. Belotero  has several advantages over other dermal fillers.  It is a very thin product that will not create bumps. It is not hydrophilic, so there will be less underye swelling compared to other fillers. lastly, it will not create a Tyndall effect, the unsightly bluish hue that can occur.

So, which procedure is right for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gerstman to discuss your options. www.drgerstman.com