Top 5 Must Know Facts About Acne Cover-ups

Even though you are putting a lot of time, money and effort into looking beautiful, you might not realize that the same cosmetic product you rely on could easily turn against you. To put it simply, while creams, concealers and scrubs are the best tools for maintaining your skin healthy and young, they could also be the main causes of pore clogs and acne. Caring and treating acne-prone skin is actually more complicated than many of you realize, as despite the popular belief it doesn’t all resume to applying those miracle acne cover-ups. Let’s explore several must-know fact about this category of cosmetics.

  1. Create a custom blend by mixing two shades of concealer

Unless you are applying the right shade of concealer that is also appropriate for your skin’s color, the only thing you will obtain is more noticeable acne. The solution to this problem is easier than you thought: simply combine two shades of concealer to a create a shade that matches your skin perfectly. When putting on the new shade, remember to pay extra attention to the edges of the area you’re trying to hide so you won’t create a line that separates the acne spot and makes it stand out.

  1. Reduce acne inflammation by applying ice

One method of dealing with swollen skin and acne implies applying a pack of ice for about a minute or so. It is important to avoid keeping the ice pack for extended periods, as this could lead to further inflammation and irritation. Even though this technique doesn’t work for all types of acne or skin, there’s no harm in trying.

Acne cover-up

  1. A facial will not solve your acne problem overnight

Granted, for most people facials, light chemical peels or other gentle spa treatments can sometimes improve the acne and the aspect of the skin considerably. However, keep in mind that facials and peels don’t work their magic overnight and hence, you shouldn’t expect to see the results immediately. In fact, during the next few days following the treatment you are very likely to notice a more sensitive and irritated skin. This is why you should never appeal to this type of treatments right before an important event.

  1. Sulfur-based creams are overrated

Even though sulfur-based creams are said to work wonders against acne, in reality those products you see so aggressively advertised on the internet can barely manage to minimize a minor blemish. If you must try OTC products, then make sure to invest in creams that have undergone extensive testing from reputable authorities. Still, even in the case of OTC creams incorporating benzoyl peroxide and resorcinol you shouldn’t expect immediate or radical results.

  1. Consider trying corticosteroid injections

In the event that you have severe acne with cyst formations, then you should discuss the benefits and setbacks of corticosteroid injections with your dermatologist. The procedure implies injecting a diluted corticosteroid solution directly into the acne cyst for the purpose of reducing swelling; it also helps prevent scarring in most cases. Over the next few days, you will notice the cyst shrinking and it will disappear completely in about a week.

  • Rosalie Barreca-Carrieri

    I agree with this information posted about acne cover ups. I am an esthetician and I work closely with acneic skin conditions. If you are acne prone these are the steps i would also reccomend when dealing with this skin condition. Awesome article…

    • doctorgerstman

      Thank you for your kind words Rosalie