testimonials“I completely trust Dr. Gerstman to ensure my results look natural. I now travel in from CT to see her, I won’t go to anyone else.” – Denise P.
testimonials“I have been going to Dr. G for nearly ten years and have never been disappointed. Dr. G is a trusted adviser and takes her time consulting with me, asking me what I want to “tweak” and what brought me into the office. She never pressures me, just does what I ask and suggests the best way to proceed. I have always found Dr. G to be professional, honest and compassionate. The office is lovely and comfortable. Naj, the receptionist, is lovely, helpful and keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine.” – Adrienne K.
testimonials“The office is soothing and quiet, more like a spa than a clinic. The staff are always cheerful and accommodating, and there’s rarely a wait (only happened to me once in last few years) Dr Gerstman is warm and knowledgeable, and takes a holistic approach (discussing all options from diet to prescriptions to surgery) She’s also always fair in her pricing and works with you to find treatment regimens that work well with your skin, lifestyle, and budget. I won’t see anyone else and recommend Dr Gerstman to all of my friends!” – Stephanie N.
testimonials“I absolutely adore my brilliant Dr Gerstman. She is the first appointment I make when I am in town. I grab a latte at Dean and Deluca than slide into Dr. Gerstman’s oasis. I leave my “tune up” completely up to the lovely doctor. She has been my magician for 7 years and always knows how to keep me looking fresh and youthful in the public eye. I just wish I could pack her in my luggage and take her back to London with me…..” – Giuliana B.
testimonials“I am so grateful to Dr. G and her eye for perfection. I have struggled with acne my whole life and now it is virtually non existent. The products she sells are top notch and tailored to your own specific needs. She advises on the best make up to buy for my individual skin type and for what season (makeup that she does not even sell). She did a few gentle injections that made my worry lines disappear and no one even noticed because it was so subtle and natural. I only heard from people, “you look great! and “You look so rested!” The results are long lasting and stimulated my own natural collagen! She also will NOT allow you to make any mistakes. I once begged her to do my lips and she examined my face and said, “NO WAY” (I already have large lips but I got greedy). She will never let you make yourself into a clown face and become an injection addict. Many Doctors just want your money but Dr. G wants to make you look your best even though it might cost less. I am a big fan of hers and I look forward to going back.” – Louise J.
testimonials“Dr. Gerstman is a very dedicated Dr. in the field of medical alternatives to surgery.I have been a client of hers for many years and I am always amazed how her treatments keep my skin looking clear and youthful. She is very gentle with injectibles, and she is always up to the minute with new procedures. This is an office worth trying with a wonderful Dr.!!!” – Dana B.
testimonials“As a high profile actress/model I would never go to anyone except Dr. Gerstman. She is top secret and in the 8 years since I have been seeing her she has never leaked my name to the press. I am forever grateful for her confidentiality. Dr. Gerstman’s office is a boutique hideaway and I visit every time I am in town. Dr Gerstman is incredibly talented and humble. I absolutely adore her.” – Nicole K.
testimonials“Dr. Gerstman is a gentle, caring and warm person yet totally professional and skilled in her work. She totally cleared up my acne, advised me on other treatments to enhance my natural face and dissuaded me from getting treatments that would make me look “fake”. She is a true artist and I have never looked better or had such confidence. She understands the schedule of a busy mom and will bend over backwards for you to fit you in on days she is in the office. I call my facials there “going to the spa” because it is really time to relax and focus on taking care of myself. I know I am in great hands.” – Jeannie L.

testimonials“i just had a wonderful experience at this establishment that i would like to share. I am getting married next Tuesday and I have terrible acne on my forehead. I called Dr. Leslie Gerstman today in a panic and begged for the doctor to see me. The receptionist said that the doctor was fully booked but that she would speak to the doctor to see what she could do. 15 later she called and said the doctor could see me during her lunch break. The doctor and receptionist were both so kind to me. The doctor spend 60 min with me. She did an Isolaz treatment, tons of extractions, and a calming mask.

All my whiteheads and black heads are gone and my skin is not as red. But most importantly, Dr. Gerstman, was so kind to me and made me feel better emotionally. I have been crazy planning my wedding! I will be back after my honeymoon. Thank you sooo much Dr. Gerstman and Naj!!” – Issac P.

testimonialsAmazing! I have been a patient of Dr. Gerstman’s for 10 years. In a world of seeking the best and finding the best Doctor to preserve your age and stop the hands of time, I stopped at Dr. Gerstman. She has been able to provide me exactly what I have needed for as long as I have been with her. People say to me, “you have not changed at all!” I owe it all to Dr. Gerstman. Whether you need some Botox, Juvederm, or a Photo-facial from the effects of the harsh sun, she will know exactly what to do. She never pushes products or procedures. She is a guide to your ageless-ness. Dr. Gerstman has a professional, secure, and confident personality and you will know you are in good and may I safe, very safe, hands. Please check out her comforting area in SOHO. Your face will be very happy you did! Truly” – Aaron H.

testimonials“Unique boutique medical spa. Very intimate. Dr. Gerstman is a perfectionist. Her receptionist is very professional. Easy to book appointments online. Always runs on time. Very calm and relaxing environment. Competitive pricing. I get Botox and juvederm done and the results are always very natural looking. Dr. Gerstman is also very gentle. Between the nice conversation, calming music, aromatherapy, and great numbing cream, the experience is quite enjoyable despite the needles:)” – Inna B.
testimonials“Dr. G came highly referred to me and since I have sent several of my friends, both women and men to her. I am in my late 40’s and have been to 3 other other practices in Manhattan over the years and have experienced decent to average results with injectables and peels but with over market cost and charges and simply just “okay results” I personally like a consistently natural look. I take care of my body and I want to take care of my skin as well and I am careful to not let it appear as if I have been injected” and that is difficult to find as most physicians seem to want to overload you or sell you on procedures that you do not need.Dr. G is “so different” and I don’t know how to say it without it sounding over-the-top. time and time again … is across the board she is the most certified, “provingly qualified” and by that I mean “repeatedly excellent results” doctor I have had the fortune of finding. Dr. G has as an incredible natural eye and realistic approach. I believe medical enhancement should be just that, enhancement and a natural look, I have been to practices that charge “over market prices” because they think that Manhattan clients will pay anything. Dr. G is by far one of the most reputable doctors in the city period and I can tell you I would not consider having anyone else touch my face for any price. I am in the medical industry and successful injectables and peels with a consistent beautiful end result, I believe, are a direct result of application and talent, every doctor in the city has Botox and fillers, but with both look and cost how it is injected and applied is where the line is drawn between average, professional, excellent. You don’t know what you are missing, what you “don’t need” or what you “could have” until you work with Dr. G one on one. Thank you Dr. G, you stand out from the crowd which is rare in anything!” – Michelle L.

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