DermaPen Microneedling

4DermaPen is an innovative microneedling device used to stimulate collagen production. This collagen fills in fine lines and acne scars, tightens loose skin, and minimizes enlarged pores.
Collagen induction therapy via microneedling has been performed since ancient times. What brings micro-needling into the 21st century is that with this device, the depth of penetration of the needles is adjustable. With a twist of the knob, you can lightly prick the top of the skin to help with topical product penetration or go deeper with the needles to stimulate collagen for more resistant wrinkles and scars.

Fraxel lasers produce a similar type of micro-penetration. However, lasers use high heat to penetrate the skin, which produces collateral damage to healthy tissue, thereby causing pain and more downtime. With the DermaPen only a mild topical anesthetic is used and which minimizes discomfort.

Plus, because it’s so small, just the size of a marker or highlighter pen, getting into smaller contoured areas becomes easier than using a laser. The DermaPen is ideal for upper lip wrinkles and crow’s feet. Add PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and results are even better!

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DermaPen: FAQ

Dr. Gerstman provides a wide array of revolutionary treatments to help reduce the visibility of scars, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. DermaPen is one of our popular procedures that doesn’t just improve the overall aspect of the skin, but also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.


Does Dermapen have a downtime?

No, Dermapen is a relatively quick procedure and does not have a downtime.

Does the treatment hurt?

If you’re using DermaPen for minor corrections, Dr. Gerstman may employ a smaller needle so you will mostly feel a slight tickling at the treatment site. In addition, Dr. Gerstman applies a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

How long until I see the results?

While some patients should notice improvements in just a few days, others may not see any results for up to several weeks, depending on their skin type and the epidermis condition that needs to be corrected. More often than not, patients will be able to enjoy a fully rejuvenated skin after 6 to 8 weeks following the DermaPen treatment. Since the role of the procedure is to stimulate the natural collagen and elastin production, the skin’s aspect will continue to improve further over time.

How will my skin look after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment your skin’s appearance will be slightly flushed and pink, similar to moderate sunburn. Some patients have reported feeling sensitivity and tightness when they touch the treated area. The good news is that the discomfort should diminish in the next 24 hours and after a couple of days, your skin will be completely healed. Check out our Dermapen before and after photos to see what kind of results others have experienced.

Is DermaPen a type of fractional laser?

Although DermaPen and fractional laser treatments both imply puncturing the skin to trigger the skin’s healing process, the similarities between the two techniques stop here. DermaPen doesn’t come with the side effects associated with fractional laser, such as the risk of infection and hyperpigmentation. While the laser chars holes of different sizes and depth in the epidermis, DermaPen creates consistent patterns of punctures in the skin.

Is DermaPen safe?

Even though the procedure implies ‘tricking’ the skin into repairing itself, you should know that this is a skin remodeling treatment and it doesn’t present any risk of additional damage. DermaPen is a minimally invasive treatment in that it doesn’t involve injections.Therefore, the risk of allergic reactions is very low. While it’s true that mild side effects – tightness, itchiness, red skin or stinging – have been reported, they usually subside in less than 48 hours following the procedure.

What is DermaPen?

DermaPen relies on multiple microscopic needles to penetrate the skin and create mini lesions, thus forcing the body to heal. The roles of the minor punctures consist of breaking old collagen chains, opening the pores temporarily and determining how your body reacts to injury by initialing a rejuvenation process.

What skin conditions does it correct?

The treatment has proven especially beneficial for the correction of moderate to severe aging signs such as wrinkles, folds, fine lines, acne scars, uneven texture, and enlarged pores.

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