Dermal Fillers

About Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are fast and easy ways to rejuvenate the skin without the hassle, cost, and side effects that come with receiving a surgical facelift. It is referred to as “Liquid Facelift” because it requires just a few injections to reduce lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin uplifted and youthful. Injections are minimally invasive and relatively painless. After receiving dermal filler injections, you will be able to resume daily activities. However, while the dermal filler injections produce great results, they are not everlasting. You may need to re-visit Dr. Gerstman every few months to receive repeat treatments to maintain the improvements. Dermal fillers produce desired effects for anywhere between 6 months to longer than 12 months, depending on the treatment method, so that skin can look and feel refreshed.

Botox-logoBotox cosmetic is one of the most popular dermal fillers. Botox is a quick and painless injection and works by relaxing the muscles in the treated areas. This results in noticeably less wrinkles and age lines and a younger you! After treatment, the results will keep improving for around 30 days and the results last 3 to 4 months. We recommend scheduling regular appointments to monitor results and suggest new treatments.

juvederm-logoJuvederm is a dermal filler used to smooth and revitalize the skin, leaving the face looking young and fresh. Juvederm is an FDA-approved treatment that helps eliminate lines and wrinkles often accompanying the aging process. The older we get, the less natural hyaluronic acid (HA) is produced, which is essential for maintaining smooth skin. Juvederm uses HA to restore the youthful appearance in a healthy and safe way for as long as 12 months. Juvederm is used for lip enhancement, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

belotero-logBelotero is a dermal filler that shapes to fit any facial contours, making the results seem very natural. Belotero uses the thinnest form of HA that works on the surface level of skin, merely reorganizing the molecules, so the results look subtle yet enduring. As clumps are rare in Belotero injections, there is no need to worry about possible negative results. It is a nonsurgical procedure with no downtime following Belotero procedure. While frequent visits to maintain appearance may be necessary, results last for 6 months at the least. Belotero is used to fill under eye hollows and superficial wrinkles.

radiesse_logo1Radiesse is a volumizing filler that helps the skin produce the abundant collagen needed to maintain youthful appearance and uplifted skin. Radiesse treats areas prone to lines and wrinkles, mostly around the mouth and chin that may be undesirable and unaesthetic. Once injected, it stimulates collagen, leaving skin smooth and wrinkle-free, and the face looking uplifted. It is a nonsurgical procedure resulting in a fresher face and followed by little to no downtime. Radiesse restores elasticity in the face for 12 months or even longer.

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