Results RX

Results RX

Properly taking care of skin can sometimes be very confusing, especially when you are bombarded with conflicting information. In fact, given the high number of beauty guides advising you in regards to what you should and shouldn’t do to keep your skin healthy and young, there are high chances that some of you have already employed inappropriate products to deal with a certain skin imperfection. Sadly, the number of situations is overwhelming, especially when this approach aggravates the problem instead of solving them.

Blemishes, breakouts, acne or stretch marks are now a thing of the past, thanks to the revolutionary peel packages developed by CosMedix. The huge success registered by Results RX doesn’t only stem from the chirally correct products, but also from the fact that the entire line was created on the premise that inflammation is the number one cause of skin problems.

Results RX allows you to address skin problems naturally

In the event that you have tried to correct skin imperfections via over the counter peel kits, then you probably noticed your skin tending to swell a bit or become reddish after the application. The inflammation of the problematic facial areas is due to nothing more than the result of fillers typically found in the composition of this type of products.

Knowing that it will cause more harm than good, Results RX is a line free of artificial preservatives, flagrances, glycolic acids, colorants, benzoyl peroxide, and numerous other ingredients that act like skin irritants. Not only did CosMedix create irritant-free skin care products, but they also ensured that the remaining active ingredients are in their purest form via a technique known as molecular manipulation. The outcome is a natural, effective, and chirally correct line of products.

So, I shouldn’t expect any side effects?

Traditionally, a peel is a skin exfoliating procedure with medium-term effects on the epidermis. Consequently, following a peel it is normal to experience some adverse reactions, ranging from mild discomfort to increased skin sensitivity and pigmentation. Fortunately, CosMedix has managed to keep unpleasant post-peel reactions to a minimal level.

In addition to applying the chiral correction to the formulas, they also made sure to include only natural compounds in their purest form.. The Results RX line includes a formula designed to effectively do its job with as little trauma as possible by employing only encapsulated retinol. To be more precise, the retinol is mixed with an arabinogalactan – a protein obtained from red wine – therefore, the retinol’s irritating property is contained.

What about the post-peel recovery?

Before the principles of chirality and metabolic peeling have been utilized in the beauty industry, a harsh peel would have needed weeks to recover, time during which your skin would have been left vulnerable. Luckily, the Results RX peels don’t require a healing period  of longer than one week and that duration only applies  if you have a very sensitive skin type. However, even if you have a sensitive skin type you shouldn’t worry, as the post-peel recovery signs are experienced mostly on the day after the treatment. Moreover, the discomfort is mild and implies a tight skin sensation, pink appearance, and sometimes, minor swelling.

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