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Although it seems like just a passing trend, the truth is that women have plenty of reasons to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon. First off, a mineral concealer or a foundation doesn’t incorporate waxes, flagrances, emollients, or the common preservatives found in standard makeup. Moreover, mineral makeup is loaded with nutrients that help reduce skin imperfections and hence, make you look younger and healthier in the long run.

No mineral cosmetic product is like the other

Like with any other cosmetics, the quality of the makeup is really what matters. After extensive testing and discussions with our patients, Dr. Gerstman considers the Jane Iredale line of products to be the best solution for women who want to:

  • Blur lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging
  • Put on crease-free eyeliner, while protecting potentially sensitive eyes
  • Wear luminous, light, and lovely blushes, highlighters, or bronzes
  • Get more supple and sumptuous lips without the risk of drying

Who is Jane Iredale?

Although this is a relatively young company, it didn’t take long before women got the word about the quality of their products. The founder of the brand started this business with two goals in mind:

  • To come up with a new line of cosmetics that not only looks good, but also feels great on the skin.
  • To make sure the formulas contain nourishing ingredients that are beneficial for the skin.

The popularity Ms.Iredale currently enjoys proves that she has managed to achieve both of her goals. This is why Jane Iredale is currently one of the most appreciated and renowned premier mineral makeup lines.

Why we recommend Jade Iredale mineral line of cosmetics

Promoted as “beauty with benefits”, the Jane Iredale line of cosmetics includes carefully selected ingredients with anti-inflammatory and non-comedogenic properties. When you put on a Jane Iredale foundation, concealer or sunscreen, you can be certain that your skin will improve in the way that it functions. In addition to preventing pore clogging, the mineral makeup has also underwent allergy testing and was confirmed free of irritants that act  as skin sensitizers.

In addition, Jane Iredale’s sunscreen line of products provides an excellent level of protection for the UVA and UVB broad spectrum. While critics argue that the biggest weakness of mineral makeup is the lack of UV protection, we want to point out that Ms. Iredale’s claims are backed up by extensive FDA testing and have the afferent seal of approval. The company is the proud owner of the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, a distinction that can’t be awarded unless you can prove the efficiency of your products via scientific data.

All products carrying the Jane Iredale moniker provide good coverage and require minimal touch-ups after application. Since the company has a very strict policy regarding the use of fillers – including the standard preservatives like phenoxyethanol or paraben – they had to make sure their minerals bind together perfectly for effective coverage. Moreover, the ingredients’ property to interact with light was not affected in any way, given the soft-focus effect provided by Ms. Iredale’s finishes. The results speak for themselves!

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