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Customers concerned about their skin’s health will always search for and invest in all-natural products, or products free of harsh or damaging chemicals and preservatives. This is exactly what the CosMedix line of products stands for. While a relatively new brand, the CosMedix collection has already managed to revolutionize the facial cosmetics industry by developing unique and chirally correct formulas aimed at improving the skin’s physiology.

Chirality refers to the asymmetric arrangement of the molecules along the axis. Simply put, the molecules present to the right and to the left are mirror images of each other, but not exact duplicates. The perfect examples in this case are the human hands which, despite their similarities and regardless of their orientation, they’re not identical to each other.

CosMedix uses the science of chirality to create skin care products that heal, treat, and enhance the appearance of damaged skin. Their team of researchers worked to manipulate the molecules and active isomers of antioxidants, enzymes and acids beneficial to the skin for the purpose of enhanced nourishing, treating, and stimulating collagen production results.

CosMedix stands for natural and pure ingredients

According to CosMedix, the direct advantage of molecular manipulation consists of obtaining purer ingredients by selecting herbal ingredients renowned for their healing properties, such as:

  • Tea tree
  • Peppermint
  • Witch hazel
  • Bio Salt
  • Willow herb
  • Soybean
  • Jojoba seed oil

Add the fact that they place a great emphasis on utilizing natural compounds in their formulas exclusively and you can understand why their collection can be classified as a medical grade skincare line.

Can CosMedix offer proof for the efficiency of their products?

CosMedix has conducted an 8-week clinical study on almost a dozen women who benefited from a tailor suited skin regimen before launching their collection. It is sufficient to state that an overwhelming percentage of the participants have experienced outstanding results, namely:

  • 95% reported  smoother skin after 4 weeks
  • 89% saw a clearer complexion with less visible pores after one month of treatment
  • 95% experienced less irritation after one month of treatment
  • 90% describe less noticeable brown spots and discoloration after 6 weeks
  • 90% noticed a reduction of  fine lines and wrinkles after 6 weeks
  • 95% reported a more toned skin after 8 weeks
  • 95% claim their skin looks and feels firmer following the treatment
  • 95% saw a considerable reduction of the aging signs after 8 weeks

Clinical studies conducted so far suggest that chirally correct formulas present a lower risk of allergic reactions. Some studies have even showed that via molecular manipulation and chiral correction you can even make commonly irritant compounds harmless. This may be why some of the experts in the industry claim that by using only natural ingredients and chiral correction you can create an effective and safe beauty product for people with sensitive skin.


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