Overcome Rosacea Signs With These 5 Beauty Tricks!

How to beat rosacea with these 5 beauty tipsIt is said that because makeup can help highlight the strong points, while concealing the features you really do not like, it is a gal’s best friend. However, when you are suffering from rosacea, applying makeup usually does not cut it. Often confused with mild acne, eczema or an allergy, rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that many fail to deal with. Not only does this skin condition come with unaesthetic physical symptoms and signs, but rosacea patients also suffer an emotional trauma that results in low self-esteem and depression episodes.

Granted, for the time being, no treatment can help you cure rosacea once and for all. However, that does not mean that you cannot hide the physical signs of the dreadful skin condition. In the following article, you will learn how to conceal your rosacea by choosing and applying the right cosmetic products.

1.       Use a silicone based foundation

A silicone based foundation does not only help fill up the lines, wrinkles and other imperfections on your skin, but it can also create a protective barrier between your epidermis and the rest of the makeup. Consequentially, by shopping around for a protective foundation suitable for your skin type, you can be sure to enjoy a flawless skin and reduce the risk of irritations to a minimum.

2.       Apply your makeup with a brush

In order to achieve a full and even coverage of the makeup, most women rely on sponges. However, little do they know that sponges are actually more difficult to clean and, even after a thorough rinsing you can never be sure if it sanitary or not. Since a clean applicator is essential for skin with rosacea, trade the sponge for a brush.

3.       Choose moisturizing products over powders

Even though a powder foundation is easier and faster to apply, it is not your best choice if you are suffering from rosacea. Simply put, the fine particles can settle between the fine lines and make your skin appear flaky and your blemishes more pronounced. Gels and moisturizing foundations do not have these setbacks and are less likely to create irritations.

4.       Stay away from waterproof mascara

The problem with waterproof mascara is that it is difficult to remove. In fact, because you will be forced to use harsher makeup removers, you risk irritating the area around your eyes.

5.       Give mineral makeup a chance

Because it does not contain irritant ingredients, mineral makeup constitutes an excellent choice for skin with rosacea. Moreover, various brands now offer entire lines of products specially formulated to color-correct the persistent redness associated with rosacea, such as the yellow-tone mineral powder that can be applied over the foundation, for instance.

Don’t lose hope!

In spite of the fact that the medical community has yet to discover a cure for the condition, patients with rosacea should consider trying photo-rejuvenation treatments such as FotoFacial. FotoFacial is especially designed to gradually lighten and improve sun damage pigmentation, brown spots as well as spider veins and the redness, blemishes, bumps and pimples associated with rosacea.