Microblading Eyebrow Restoration and Lash Extensions

Let’s face it ladies, applying makeup is time consuming and our time is precious. Semi-permanent makeup is life changing! You will never need to buy mascara or brow pencil again

Eyelash extensions allow you to wake up and go. Whether your opt for Classic Lash Extensions or a Volume Lash Extensions, you will never have to worry about caked on mascara again. And when you go swimming you will remain flawless!

Did you over pluck your eyebrows in the 80’s? Are you eyebrows thinning as you age? Do you spend hours trying to draw those brows on correctly just to have them wipe off by the end of the day? No worries. It’s time for Microblading Eyebrow Restoration. In as little as two hours, you will have the most beautiful natural looking eyebrows you have ever dreamed of.

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