A Look At 5 Efficient Methods Of Concealing Crow’s Feet

When you’re about to reach your 30s, then chances are you starting noticing the first signs of crow’s feet in the eyes area. While they are more commonly known as ‘laughing lines’, the truth is that these lines are no laughing matter for women who go to tremendous lengths to keep their youthful appearance for longer. Moreover, there are several ways you can turn back the hands of time and conceal the bothersome crow’s feet. Let’s elaborate.

crow's feet on the face

  1. Botox injections

While it continues to raise controversy in the beauty product industry, when it comes to hiding the unflattering crow’s feet nothing compares to Botox injections. Not only is it capable of relaxing and evening out the lines and wrinkles, but it can even manage to erase them in some cases. Besides, if Botox doesn’t really do it for you, then there are numerous others dermal fillers to help you in this matter.

  1. Don’t leave home without your sunscreen

Without denying the fact that some wrinkles appear due to hereditary reasons, it is necessary to mention that most of them – and especially crow’s feet – develop due to prolonged sun exposure. As dermatologists have started to point out in the past few years, you should start wearing sunscreen on your face regardless of your age and the weather outside.

  1. Don’t overdo it with the concealer

In spite of its suggestive name, you should refrain from applying too much concealer around the eyes or else you’ll end up looking like a raccoon. The correct method of putting on concealer implies applying a small amount that you pat with your finger ring. On a side note, if you usually wear powder, then avoid getting any around the eyes, as the small particles will settle in the lines and make them more visible.

  1. Get a chemical peel every now and then

What better way to get rid of layers of dead cells, while revealing a fresh and youthful skin than a chemical peel. Still, take note that even though the OTC chemical peel kits are appealing due to both price and convenience, it is best to leave this procedure in the hands of a professional. It may cost more, but don’t forget that a dermatologist is able to recommend a chemical peel suitable for your skin type and that addresses your exact skin condition. Furthermore, the physician can also suggest the best post-care skin regimen to help you obtain the desired results.

  1. Integrate retinoid-based creams in your weekly skin care regimen

Granted, the market is literarily flooded with tons of miracle cures that are advertised to erase years off your face in a relatively small timeframe. However, the only anti-aging product that has proved itself time and time again is the retinoid-based cream. Initially used for treating acne, there are plenty retinoids out there that are especially created for reducing wrinkles and lines. In spite of its proven efficiency, it is always smart to consult a dermatologist and only use the vitamin A creams under the care of a physician.