Guys, Get the Good Grooming Habit – You Need it!

Man Taking Care of His Skin“Effeminate.”

It’s funny how one word can ruin self-care for many men. Throw that word to any guy who dares to take care of himself, and he will likely question his grooming habits. True, stereotypes have changed, and thankfully so – but it is undeniable that many men still balk at the thought of being seen as “less manly.”

While a man’s skin is less prone to major changes, it’s no sin to go for treatments or to use a couple of grooming products. If you want to look better and take better care of yourself, don’t let one word and a misguided pronouncement stop you from doing so.

This is why men look to other male figures who aren’t ashamed about their care routines as grooming heroes. These heroes of self-care open the avenues for other guys to venture out into the world of good grooming; so much so that they create a culture around it. Think of Korea’s “pretty boys” (or, more accurately, “flower boys”), for instance, as evidence of this thriving culture of men who are neither ashamed nor afraid of the “grooming” word.

The best starting point, in our opinion, is your skin. Let’s start with microdermabrasion, a procedure that Dr. Leslie Gerstman can provide for you.

For the Sake of Better Skin

All of us have a few gripes about our skin – even men. The best thing about microdermabrasion is it’s applicable to several areas of your body. Thanks to its gentle efficiency, we can use it on your elbows, shoulders, chest, and knees. So, if scars or uneven skin tone in these areas bother you, microdermabrasion could be the answer.

We assure you that you’ll discover that you’ve been missing out on a life of a healthier skin. Facials and skin treatments even surprise some women. So, you can imagine how much of an eye-opener it will be for men! Once you get to know your skin, it will be easier to find the best routine for you. Plus, the experts at our medical spa can guide you in establishing one.

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