Customized Facials

FacialsAt our boutique medical spa, there is no need to waste your time searching through a long list of facial options trying to figure out which is best for you.

That is our responsibility.

Just pick your desired length of time and skin concerns and we will customize a facial based on your individual needs and desires.
All you need to do is lay back and relax.

Dr. Gerstman believes that it is vital to perform at least 3 procedures per session because the effects are synergistic. Each procedure performs a different task and they all enhance the effects of one another.


Our Signature TriLevel Facial includes:

1. An exfoliation stage:
Our aesthetician will choose between Microdermabrasion , Dermaplanning, or a Chemical Peel.

2. Our Oxygen/Nutrient Stage:
We will infuse medical grade oxygen, peptides, antioxidants and various other skin nutrients.

3. Our LED rejuvenation Stage:
We use customized LED programs to regenerate, detoxify, and heal your skin.

Below is a list of the many different facial options our aesthetician has to choose from.

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