The Double Chin Dilemma

A Double ChinAt some point in your life, that pesky and universally unflattering second chin will appear. Usually, this will happen once you’re at a “certain age” and your skin starts to lose its elasticity. For younger adults, however, there’s no reason for a second chin to appear if you’re not overweight. Whatever your situation – whether your double chin is a result of the aging process or it’s been a problem all your life – it’s time to resolve this dilemma.

Aging is a process, but you don’t have to surrender to it the moment it decides that you can’t keep up. On the other hand, if an unflattering feature appears prematurely, you shouldn’t let it linger for long. We solve these kinds of skin problems through tightening by our Elixis Ultra Radio Frequency Facial. As a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment, this procedure is quickly gaining popularity across a wide market. The radio frequency and ultrasound energies remove the excess fat and loose skin that cause not just a second chin, but bat wings in arms, bra fat, and other visible fat deposits.

Why Do You Have It?

There’s more to double chins other than, “My body hates me.” There are cases of hereditary proclivity, by which your genetic make-up causes your body to store fat in the unlikeliest of places. Most times, however, it’s just excess fat and loose skin. This means that a less fatty, leaner diet will help you in the war versus a second chin. Nonetheless, we can help you deal with the issue, right now. There’s no reason a double chin should stay if it makes you insecure about your looks!

It’s a tremendous benefit that our radiofrequency therapy is non-invasive. Our treatment requires no down time and you’ll get back to your routine, as soon as possible.

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