Dr. Leslie Gerstman: Cosmetic and Laser Medicine

Dr. Leslie Gerstman

As an Aesthetic physician, artist, and mother of three,  Dr. Gerstman takes a holistic approach when caring for her loyal clientele. Dr. Gerstman is just as passionate about eating a clean diet and destressing, as she is about utilizing the latest cutting edge anti-aging modalities.

“Youth is more than the absence of wrinkles. Beauty is projected when one’s inner and outer worlds are balanced. Sculpting gorgeous lips are easy. Getting clients off sugar and advising they sleep more is the hard part!”

Dr. Gerstman has an artist’s eye and truly understands how to achieve maximum results with minimum alteration.

“My job is to help my clients look more like their former selves and  to remain ageless”.

Aging is an emotional as well as a physical process. With a compassionate heart and a genuine demeanor, Dr. Gerstman has become  one of NYC’s leaders in the field of Laser and Cosmetic Medicine.


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