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Filling You In: The Lowdown on Facial Fillers

Smiling WomanInjectable wrinkle fillers are a minimally invasive procedure that helps restore a patient’s youthful appearance. Facial fillers also only cost a fraction of a traditional facelift and show immediate results, making it a very attractive beauty treatment option. It is no wonder that dermal fillers have become the talk of the town — the treatment is fast, easy, and quickly adds volume to cheeks, chins, jawlines and temples for a younger and fresher appearance. What should patients have to know about the treatment before signing up, then?

Fillers Restore Volume to the Face for a Rejuvenated Appearance

Skin loses elasticity as a person ages, giving the face a haggard or shrunken appearance. On the other hand, facial fillers, a compound made out of hyaluronic acid, helps fill in deep wrinkles and adds volume to certain areas of the face. Patients can, therefore, rely on the fillers to counteract the signs of aging where it is needed the most in the face.

A “Smoother” Alternative to Botox Treatment

As they have similar results, dermal fillers can be confused with the Botox treatment. The only similarity between the two, however, is that doctors use a syringe to deliver the procedure. Each compound works differently: Botox prevents wrinkles caused by muscle contractions by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Meanwhile, fillers smooth over wrinkles that are already there. Additionally, results from a facial filler can be seen right away, while the effects of Botox can take a few days to kick in.

Being Realistic with Expectations

Facial fillers are a minimally invasive procedure approved by the FDA, but it is still important that patients go through the treatment at a reasonable pace. Start out slowly with one injection at a time, especially for first-time users. This allows the skin to transition to a refreshed, softer version of itself. Additionally, interested patients should seek out a practitioner who is board-certified with a background in cosmetic dermatology like Dr. Leslie Gertsman to get the best results.

With thirteen years of experience transforming lives by enhancing their physical appearance, Dr. Gertsman is truly an expert in the facial cosmetic industry. She has amassed an international following of celebrities and models due to the miraculous power of her Juvederm treatment.

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Top 4 Nonsurgical Anti-aging Procedures

wrinkle treatmentsWith age comes wisdom, grace, and, unfortunately, wrinkles. The good news is that a variety of non-surgical anti-aging treatments are available. Here is a breakdown of the different types of anti-aging treatments that Dr. Gerstman offers and recommends in her office:


Botox is a hot name in Hollywood, but you don’t need to be a celebrity to get this treatment. Botox is an injectable treatment that targets specific areas that are prone to wrinkles such as between your eye brows, on your forehead, and around your eyes. Botox injections can eliminate current wrinkles and prevent future ones from forming. Results generally form within 5-10 days after the procedure, and full results are usually visible within 2 weeks. These results usually last around 3-4 months with proper maintenance. Opting out of maintenance appointments will cause the muscles to regain their full strength, meaning that your wrinkles will come back. Botox is generally recommended for patients aged 18-65 who want to reduce and minimize the appearance of severe wrinkles. Because it is a prescription strength injection, you should have this procedure performed by a licensed Botox physician like Dr. Gerstman.

Chemical Peels

VI Peel is a less intensive procedure than Botox because it does not include any injections. It is a chemical peel that offers your face a fresh beginning by replacing dead skin cells with newer, healthier cells. The peel can be used on younger skin to prevent future damage. With proper skin care and protection (i.e. moisturizing, following a thorough sunscreen routine, etc.), and routine maintenance visits to a licensed skin clinic (about 3-4 per year), the skin peel‘s affects can be long lasting. This treatment is optimal for women who are looking for a way to make their skin younger and healthier without injections or invasive treatments.


DermaPen is a micro-needling device that works better than a laser to stimulate collagen production in target areas. This collagen production fills in fine lines and acne scars, tightens loose skin, and minimizes enlarged pores. Because of its small size, the DermaPen is ideal for upper lip wrinkles and crow’s feet. Dr. Gerstman recommends the DermaPen over a laser treatment since laser treatment uses high heat that can damage healthy tissue, causing pain and more downtime than theDermaPen. Women who undergo DermaPen treatment will receive a mild topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort.DermaPen is recommended for women with moderate to severe aging wrinkles, and women see results within 6-8 weeks of treatment. The skin will continue to improve over time since the procedure stimulates natural collagen and elastinproduction.


You may have heard Juvederm referred to as the “Liquid Face Lift” by celebrities, and that is in some ways just what it is.Juvederm is an injectable filler that is used to diminish wrinkles and smile lines as well as thin lips, flattened cheeks, and under eye hollows. Juvederm is a fast treatment that simply fills the problem areas. The great benefit of Juvederm is that results are often instantaneous and can last up to 12 months from just one treatment! Depending on your preference and treatment you may need to schedule an additional treatment after your first one. There is generally no downtime required, and you can return to your normal routine less than 24 hours after the treatment. Juvederm is recommended for women of all ages and skin tones, including dark skin tones. Juvederm doesn’t present any risk of hyperpigmentation, making it the first filler suitable for patients with dark toned complexions.

We know you want to look your best, and reducing your facial wrinkles through safe, non-invasive treatments is a great way to do that. For more information on which procedure listed above will work best for you, contact us today!