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Have You Heard of Coolsculpt?

Coolsculpt is a newer procedure that helps women that are trying to get rid of that last little bit of fat on certain areas. Oh yeah, and it’s a non-surgical procedure. This new technique melts away fat cells with extreme cold of all things.

coolsculptHere’s how it works in a nutshell: You have that bit of stubborn fat hanging on to your stomach and you want it gone. You don’t want to go through liposuction so you choose Coolsculpt instead. During the procedure, the device freezes the fat cells under the skin, which will then gradually drain away naturally. It typically takes around one hour and one of the best parts of this is that you can return to your normal routine right afterwards.

 A fun fact: It was actually invented by two Harvard doctors, who noticed that children who ate popsicles a lot had dimples because the cold killed the fat cells in their cheeks. 

It’s a safe, convenient and FDA approved and there are no scalpels or incisions. Side effects can be bruising on the skin or slight redness. It’s intended for people who already exercise and diet, but need to get rid of that last section of fat. It’s been approved to be used on the stomach, love handles and the thighs. It’s a great way to help you get that thigh gap everyone wants, no photoshop needed.

With New Year’s coming up, it’ll be time to get that little black dress out of the closet and party with friends and co-workers. Why not give yourself an early present and try CoolSculpt for yourself; they’ll never have to know. When they ask what your secret just smile your Mona Lisa smile and tell them dedication and hard work. After all, you worked hard for the body that CoolSculpt just revealed. Then you can look just as great on the outside that you feel on the inside.

If this sounds like the perfect solution for your needs, or you are nervous about having a surgical procedure like liposuction done then contact us for more information. Dr. Leslie Gerstman offers a wide variety of treatments, including CoolSculpt and can help meet all your beauty needs.

The Perks That Make CoolSculpting Stand Out In The Crowd

Thanks to procedures like CoolSculpting, Zerona, and i-Lipo, the reign of painful surgery with weeks of downtime has come to an end! Without denying traditional liposuction’s efficiency and the fact the for most of us lipo is still the golden standard, the simple idea of fat melting without surgery seems like a dream come true for most women and men. Keep in mind that no non-invasive lipo procedure is like the other and what may work for your friends won’t necessarily will work in your case as well.

If you want to get rid of unaesthetic fat pockets, but dread the idea of going under the knife, then one procedure to try is CoolSculpting. The fat freezing technique has been on everyone’s lips lately and for all the good reasons. Not only is CoolSculpting painless and ensures long-lasting results, but the procedure doesn’t come with the downtime and side effects associated with other body contouring options. In the following article, we will discuss the main differences between CoolSculpting and the other circumferential reduction solutions currently in vogue.

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Microcannula Devices Allow You To Get The Most Out Of The Dermal Fillers!

Dermal filler injections are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed in a clinic or spa. Historically, the dermal fillers helped women considerably reduce the visible wrinkles, bags under the eyes or saggy skin and restore the volume of their face. While effective for anyone who needs a facial rejuvenation but is afraid to go under the knife, the procedures don’t come without side effects. The various adverse reactions you might experience following a dermal filler injection are not due to the agent itself, but are rather associated with the sharp tip needle traditionally used by the physician.

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Lipo results

Top 4 Effective Alternatives To Liposuction

Considering how difficult it is to remove belly fat, it’s no wonder that so many women have turned to liposuction in the past several years. However, few of them are actually aware of what the procedure implies, its limitations and the risks to which they are exposing themselves. To put it simply, lipo is a body reshaping procedure typically performed on small areas that don’t respond well to dieting and exercise.

Lipo results

While it is usually safe when performed by an experienced surgeon, it often implies  unpleasant side effects like swelling, soreness, bruising, numbness, irritation and baggy skin. On rare occasions, liposuction could lead to damage of the nerves and skin, infections, blood clots, internal organ puncture and toxic reactions. If you want to avoid all the aforementioned risks and would like to get rid of the unflattering belly fat without going under the knife, here are your alternatives.

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Ill fitting dress

Top 3 Reasons You Too Should Try CoolSculpting

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, most women are probably very busy getting their party finery ready for the celebration. Unfortunately, not all ladies can get into the festive mood, especially when they realize they are not able to fit into their dream outfit anymore. Read more…

The Science Behind Ultherapy

imageMore often than not, cosmetic treatments aimed at addressing unaesthetic aging signs only target the loss of fullness or the facial line, not both. The same cannot be said about Ultherapy, a pioneering non-invasive procedure that utilizes micro-focused ultrasound to lift skin. Unlike other facelift treatment options, the technology incorporated in Ultherapy presents significant benefits in terms of precision, depth and temperature necessary to lift the skin. Ultherapy constitutes the best alternative to surgery at this point and it owes its tremendous success and popularity to the science behind it. Let’s explore the technologies that make this treatment unique.

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4 Simple Tricks To Help You Prevent Bruising Following An Injectable Treatment

If you have scheduled a Botox, dermal filler or other injectable cosmetic treatment in the nearby future, then you probably discussed the potential side effects with your dermatologist. As a rule of thumb, to prevent bruising and other unpleasant adverse reaction that could offset your normal routine, you should avoid taking medication that can thin your blood for approximately one week prior to your appointment. Let’s explore the other self-care tips you can rely on to reduce bruising following a cosmetic injectable treatment.

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