4 Simple Tricks To Help You Prevent Bruising Following An Injectable Treatment

If you have scheduled a Botox, dermal filler or other injectable cosmetic treatment in the nearby future, then you probably discussed the potential side effects with your dermatologist. As a rule of thumb, to prevent bruising and other unpleasant adverse reaction that could offset your normal routine, you should avoid taking medication that can thin your blood for approximately one week prior to your appointment. Let’s explore the other self-care tips you can rely on to reduce bruising following a cosmetic injectable treatment.

bruising Avoid moving too much during the treatment

Regardless of how difficult it might be, you should avoid moving during the treatment as even a small flinch could cause the needles to go in the wrong place or deeper than intended. This is why it is usually recommended to search for a skilled cosmetician for this type of semi-invasive treatments. A professional dermatologist will always know how to help patients relax by playing soft music, distract them with a squeeze stress ball or by applying a topical anesthetic, if they have a low threshold of pain.

Apply an ice pack before and after the treatment

If you did your homework and are working with a skilled cosmetician, then this professional will ask you to apply an ice pack at the spot that is about to be treated before the treatment. By applying a cold pack for about 5 minutes, the dermatologist makes sure the blood vessels constrict and hence, don’t get in the way of the needle. Furthermore, cold is also known to desensitize the treatment area so it could also act as a pain relief method for some patients. Even though applying a cold pack onto the face is uncomfortable most of the times, the truth is that it helps prevent bruising in the vast majority of cases.

Consider taking a herbal dietary supplement

A good way to reduce bruising that proves effective for most patients implies taking herbal dietary supplements that reduces bleeding and inflammations two to three days prior to the injectable treatment. In the eventuality that you are not familiar with the anti-inflammatory or anti-bleeding supplements product or you simply can’t figure out which one will work in your case, then don’t hesitate to discuss your options with your dermatologist. In general, cosmeticians carry an anti-bruising kit especially for this type of situations.

Go for injectable treatments that include blunt-tipped canulas

In case you want to be certain of limited skin trauma and unpleasant side effects, then you should consider injected treatments that incorporate blunt-tipped canulas. Not only do treatments like Juvederm, Perlane or Restylane reduce the number of pokes the cosmetician needs to perform in order to inject the dermal filler, but as many patients testify they are also less painful and come with fewer side effects. In spite of the fact that sharp needles do bring several advantages to certain cosmetic treatments – particularly for wrinkle reduction – all signs indicate that the blunt-tipped needles will replace them in the years to come.